It Looks Like History Of Fiat Money Is Going Back To The Revolutionary War: Alan Greenspan | CNBC

Former Federal Reserve Chair Alan Greenspan gives his take on bitcoin and the value of cryptocurrencies.
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It Looks Like History Of Fiat Money Is Going Back To The Revolutionary War: Alan Greenspan | CNBC


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46 Thoughts to “It Looks Like History Of Fiat Money Is Going Back To The Revolutionary War: Alan Greenspan | CNBC”

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  2. I think Alan is suggesting I trade my paper money for bitcoin. I know he didn't mean to, but that is what he is saying.

  3. Who woke up the Old Fossil. Was he born before the 1st Revolution???? No bail out or deficits with Bitcoin . No government or corporate well fare .
    We are free of you to some extent anyways. If it failed to day half would rebuild it . The others would be coming back to the old masters of debt ….

  4. We can now manipulate them as well with smarter contracts . So they sweeten the pot . If we have to put more skin in the game . You can not get out of Trillions of dollars of debt . With a tax break . You lower the debt with cut backs in wasteful spending. You start at the most costly and fat . Then you cut the fat . But the can't do it like hard core drug addict. They have no shame and are possessed by greed and hubris…

  5. Blockchain motb. Bitcoin is a digital Ponzi scheme. Those who own most of it want you to buy. These Israeli Satanic Masonic frauds know they're caught, so Bitcoin doesn't surprise me at all. If they didn't like it they wouldn't talk about it on their own networks. Their Satanic AI created it.

  6. Trying to get rid of college debt. ANYTHING helps! Thanks!
    Bitcoin Address:  1HkL2Dsddp2CYvRS4czaBw3wCxbJtihTPL

  7. Your fiat money is on it's way to be extint.. your time is up.. now it's time for the peoples to reclaim their freedom from the system that been a long time enslaving them with debt, discrimation , financial fraud that being planned by your peoples.. this it's your end.. and this is our FREEDOM

  8. No more FIAT from the Khazarian Tribesmen like Greenspan and the other Satanic entities that are occupying the Central Banks of the World and printing up counterfeit debt notes out of thin air. Bitcoin is the precursor for the NWO Cabal to outlaw all free cryptocurrencies in order to create their own versions out of treasuries and private central banks worldwide and use their goon squads aka IRS,FBI, and others in order to enforce their agenda.

  9. Helicopter Ben weighs in on U.S. dollar supremacy. God help us!

  10. Alan at the end basically said cryptocurrencies are the future. Thank you Mr Alan

  11. Greenspan was chairman of the Federal Reserve System. Find out just what sort of a scam he headed. Look at this video

  12. You know the successor of the Continental is not Bitcoin but USD

  13. The Continental was counterfeited by the British and was inflated like the Federal Reserve $.

  14. Bitcoin will eventually going down. Nothing last forever. So embrace the time when it is up, and don't regret when it is going bust the bubble. As many of you don't understand, the price of bitcoin increase so high it is also because of investment bank, they are the one that also control bitcoin. So, when you people blame for the old banking system, the reality is they are still in control of bitcoin. Therefore enjoy the profit while you can before they decide to take it down and leave you with nothing.

  15. Those bitcoins are fuckn up my electricity..

  16. If you're brand new to crypto, get $10 worth of free Bitcoin on Coinbase (when you buy at least $100): Just use the link here:

  17. Lol does he not understand that bitcoin ultimate supply is finite and we already know the final number of bitcoins

  18. So everyone keeps saying the limited supply of Bitcoin is going to hurt it. They are are failing to consider that bitcoin is also limitless in its divisibility. As the price goes up, people can buy smaller fractions…So conceptually, someday .001 bitcoin will be worth what 1 bitcoin is today and purchasable.

  19. Scariest Muppet I've ever seen. 😲

  20. hm…. pretty sure he meant to say the current USD instead of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is just air, doesnt even exist, imaginary priceless.

  21. When they say fiat they really mean the us dollar. Central bankers all steal from us and our kids

  22. sweet jesus that never existed !! ….and this guy was the money boss of the us. he didnt even care to figure out what btc is before opening his mouth.
    another expert in the list.

  23. Greenspan told us that we had no housing bubble going on in 2005 when he was the president of the federal reserve then we had one…now that he is nobody, he is telling us that there is a bubble when in reality, Bitcon is the pin the popped the fiat money bubble!

  24. Never trust an illuminati puppet.

  25. Alan Greenspan has aged badly, looking super old.

  26. Wars are always going to incur debts and devalue the currency. /Also, there are 100’s of FIAT currencies./History does repeat. But things do change.

  27. There is no way Alan Greenspan is that clueless. He's giving US a clue. FIAT money goes to zero and we are currently using FIAT money. Take the hint! 😀

  28. Federal Reserve Debt note is a Ponzi scheme. Deflationary tool used to tax us and fund wars and terrorist (Word War III). Bitcoin is freedom from the Cabal, AKA Deep State.

  29. Great work guys, Interviewing the man who led to the 2008 financial crash and asking him about the revolution of money. Great.

  30. I am stupefied as to how ignorant this man is of Bitcoin's fundamentals. He doesn't even understand the deflationary characteristics that make Bitcoin a superior store of wealth. His ignorance of the subject matter is monumental.

  31. Bitcoin (21 million) and Litecoin (84 million) is both limited. So you can’t keep creating it.

  32. The worthless one is the dollar. 75 trillion dollars and counting. Bitcoin 16 million total supply.

  33. Why he keeps saying 'faayat' WTF

  34. each country just blockchains their own national currency

  35. Mr. Greenspan has no idea that there are only 21M bitcoin that could ever be mined. Besides, didn’t this guy crash the world economy in 2008? Yeah, I’ll take his word for bitcoin.

  36. Go Alan ! This man is on point

  37. This clown is so wrong.
    After having all the gains for all these years, asset holders will be experiencing stagflation.

  38. His comments from about the 1:45 mark clearly show that he's not aware that there can only ever be 21 million bitcoin in existence. This scarcity guarantees value, unlike the gov erasing the scarcity of the US dollar by printing endlessly.

  39. There is also a "psychological" element to currency, in addition to the "store of value" element. When Rome had Caesar's face on a gold coin, the purpose of adding the portrait to the intrinsic value of the metal coin was to appeal to people's sense of security. Bitcoin lacks this sense of security. How shady is it that we don't even know who Nakamoto is? How shady is it that Nakamoto initially took possession of 5 million bitcoins? This in and of itself makes Nakamoto a potentially centralizing force; he owns more bitcoin relative to the potential 21 million cap than the United States govt owns gold, relative to the world supply of gold. Nakamoto can flood the market and manipulate the price at will. Furthermore, there are more bitcoin spin-offs appearing, so can bitcoin supply be potentially infinite? Bitcoin is like a metal coin without Caesar's portrait. What bitcoin lacks is a sense of security.

  40. seem like no one that cnbc has to interviewed base on bitcoin

  41. Go back to the Revolutionary War, quote Thomas Jefferson, former fed chief. “ If you ever let private banks coin your money, corporations will gather round, and first through inflation, then through deflation, your children will wake up in the country their founding fathers conquered. Homeless, and bankrupt”.

    Listen to the wolf, Team US Crypto BALLER, BITCOIN Knocks The Head Off Wall St . . AGAIN
    Don’t let CNBC, Con The Bitcoin out of the Nation, or anyone steel your bitcoin.

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