Dogecoin Was Created As A Parody, Now It’s Worth More Than $1 Billion | CNBC

One of the Dogecoin founders told a cryptocurrency news site that the token’s rise makes him worry about market excess.
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Dogecoin Was Created As A Parody, Now It’s Worth More Than $1 Billion | CNBC


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11 Thoughts to “Dogecoin Was Created As A Parody, Now It’s Worth More Than $1 Billion | CNBC”

  1. Much profit, very wow…

    I'm very happy with my 6x gains in Dogecoin. 😀

  2. Hello everyone, i`m verry sorry, but I`m hope for your help. I`m saving money for my dream, I want to go to university in the Japan, but it's expensive for me.
    I really hope for any help in our dear dogecoin community, let it be 0.000001, it's not important
    Thank you, you're amazing.

  3. Such moon! Much coin!! Such hodl

  4. Dogecoin has value because people just like it,
    much more fun to tip smb some doge on the internet then some ethereum or something.


  6. Dogecoin Golem added to the portfolio and expect growth to 1$ this year!

  7. Dogecoin will hit 0.15 up to 0.25 in late 2018 but not 1$. Dogecoin is one of the few coins that hasn’t seen crazy up and down prices. People look at this as a joke but it’s not. If this coin was a joke it would have been bankrupt a loooong time ago. It’s a coin that always been growing. A coin that always been in the top 50. People say there is too much Dogecoin in the market, but that’s a good thing because the wealth is spread around. Unlike a coin that has a low amount of coin availability in the market and it’s controlled by a small group of people.

  8. May be the rise is due to Russia, Venezuela or North Korea. Cryptocurrency seem to be the only way to bypass US economic sanction.

  9. Sorry, this is factually incorrect now, just 2 days later. It is now worth more than $2 billion.

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