Venture Capitalist Tim Draper: Bitcoin Is The Most Secure Place To Put Your Money | CNBC

Venture capitalist Tim Draper discusses government scrutiny of Facebook and concerns over user privacy, as well as his regulatory issues faced by companies thinking about going public. He also says Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos founder, was bullied into submission.
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Venture Capitalist Tim Draper: Bitcoin Is The Most Secure Place To Put Your Money | CNBC


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25 Thoughts to “Venture Capitalist Tim Draper: Bitcoin Is The Most Secure Place To Put Your Money | CNBC”

  1. Screw Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and that other turtle-looking geezer. They just feel threatened at this point.

  2. short bitcoin, this is all a scam

  3. Crypto exchanges are ACTUALLY getting hacked all the time. I have had no friends who lost money with traditional banking. Have had friends who lost all their crypto. Do you see any disadvantages with Bitcoin, Tim?

  4. go and buy a hamburger with your bitcoin, clown. Oh, wait a minute, you can't…. lol

  5. Bad advocate who speaks imprecisely.

  6. nigeria doesnt not implode or lose 30% of the value of it's currency

  7. Bad advocate. I wouldn't buy water from this guy

  8. anybody notice the pimpin btc tie LOL

  9. I know this guy. Saw him on the used car sales lot selling hyundais.

  10. This guy looks like he will steal all your money with a smile on his face.

  11. Well, he is wearing a Bitcoin tie, so he must be … something. Could be he has a pile of slightly-used Bitcoin he would like you to buy. (He does have a rather large pile.)

    You want to use Bitcoin as a store of value, when the value gyrates wildly from week to week? Odd. Also not practical.

    You think Bitcoin is secure, when nearly every week we hear about hackers(?) stealing from another Bitcoin exchange. (My guess is most of those were inside jobs.) How many individuals have had their cryptocurrencies stolen?

    As a software guy with a long term interest in cryptography, I understand perfectly the "crypto" side of cryptocurrencies. Several years back, when I read the Bitcoin paper, the crypto part looked mostly OK. (Though I thought there might be problems with scaling … which proved true.) But was brought up short by the claim it could serve as money. So did reading, and … nope. All of the current crop of cryptocurrencies are lacking the essential aspect of money.

    So … believe Draper, who has a pile of Bitcoin to unload. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. How many bitcoins are there? Where did they come from? Who makes them?

  13. Look at that tie. Boy, he really loves BTC.

  14. Fiat currencies dont drop 4% in value overnight because of Nvidia earnings report though…
    Also, isn't this the guy who said bitcoin would be $250,000 in like 5 years? I love blockchain, it's potential is enormous, but this guy is making some pretty wild claims to further his own investments.
    And what every commentator fails to understand is: it's never been about the money itself, it's about force . Whichever state/bank/currency has the most physical force to back up their claims, will always make the rules. All law is fundamentally grounded in violence, that goes way beyond economics.

  15. When will crypto go into lending….thats why the big dogs shorting crypto….we need more data…๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Ž

  16. Bitcoin Is The Most Secure? $8700

  17. he's probably just happy he's already rich off bitcoin

  18. Here's a question for bitcoin enthusiasts …..which is it a currency or an asset?……cause as I'm sure your smart enough to know it can't be both. A currency can't be an asset!

  19. 30% inflation for certain countries per year? BTC moves 30% in a day ๐Ÿคช

  20. The dollar is too strong and too powerful to fight against.

  21. its the most secure if u know what u doing

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