Week In Review: President Donald Trump Exits Iran Deal | CNBC

President Donald Trump exits the Iran Deal, AT&T says hiring Michael Cohen was a ‘mistake’ plus, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger and Chamath Palihapitiya weigh in on bitcoin.
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Week In Review: President Donald Trump Exits Iran Deal | CNBC


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10 Thoughts to “Week In Review: President Donald Trump Exits Iran Deal | CNBC”

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  4. Donald John Trump will always be and forever be my favorite president ! Here is the seal of loyalty for the Trump family:[🦄🛡🐉] I have vision it in my dream as slept that night! The shield with colors of RED,WHITE, AND BLUE and cross that has TRUMP in it ! Believe me, honestly! I have been to see my doctor and I am perfectly stable! You don't believe it, check my medical RECORDS!
    Truly ,I tell you if anything happens to our beloved president, Trump haters will know if take our president down, we will take down theirs in revenge! Whatever happens I could be sad and not speak to anyone but mourn for the president, we hope we will not lose ! I love president Donald Trump and I will not lose him because he is the brightest beacon of light that shine over our country! Don't let it go into darkness!!!🇺🇸❤🕊🌞

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  6. What a joke America makes and tests nuclear weapons but bullies the rest of the world with double standards

    And then the press leaves all this out and makes Americans feel as though the rest of the world is the bad guy.

    Death to America!

  7. Bitcoin is not the answer to save the Iran deal.

  8. Trump while in WH is involved with Pay to Play. Disgusting-get rid of Trump and Cohen.

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