Bitcoin To Hit $50,000 By Year-End: BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes | CNBC

CNBC’s Seema Mody reports on the world’s largest bitcoin conference and Arthur Hayes, BitMEX CEO, discusses his outlook for the cryptocurrency. Included are CNBC’s Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Pete Najarian, Tim Seymour, Dan Nathan and Guy Adami.
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Bitcoin To Hit $50,000 By Year-End: BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes | CNBC


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26 Thoughts to “Bitcoin To Hit $50,000 By Year-End: BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes | CNBC”

  1. The most perspective ICO this year is the GRAM Token can cost 100-200 dollars. Considering the fact that now it is sold at 1.3 dollars)

  2. 132 views… why do i feel like this is not a good pump strategy 0.o

  3. Touting predictions like this should be illegal

  4. Brother from another ehh..

  5. I'm with Warren Buffett. Crypto is too unstable.

  6. 50K….come on man my best bet would be 30-40K

  7. Is crypto anonymous? Can it by Real Estate, medical care, groceries?

  8. У каждого должен быть знак Зиллики в портфолио! Если у вас нет денег, примите участие в бесплатном аэродроме

  9. regardless of what his opinions are, this guys is wicked smart

  10. I hope he's right but he never answered the question as to why he thinks it will be $50k.


  12. I DONT LIKE BANKERS, but wont invest in them ever again, tramps and thieves like cher sang

  13. The story is finance is being disrupted: Bitcoin is king of this disruption and there is good reasons for that

  14. Wallstreet destroyed US economy many times, now it's their turn

  15. He pumped it then dumped it 😂😂👀👀

  16. Bitcoin isn't volatile, 1 BTC is still 1 BTC and has been since it's inception. It's fiat currencies that are getting paired against BTC that seem to be volatile.

  17. bitcoin will only fully succeed if it kills fiat ponzi and banks. it will be end of downward volatility/inflation and trading/lending scams.

  18. Bitcoin don't believe the Hype

  19. Yeah it migh be worth 50000$ bucks on your computer screen, good luck cashing those 50000$ and buying something with them, good luck try buying a unused expennsive car with "bitcoin"

  20. Y’all should of left the guest on until the end. I would have love to heard a response.

  21. Here another way that might get value in the future. Just using beta search engine.

  22. Fake banker protest and promotional lambos what a sad attempt at tricking ppl who have never heard of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is all puff and smoke.

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