Trader Sees Bitcoin Cash Breaking Out | CNBC

Is bitcoin cash king? CNBC’s Brian Kelly on why bitcoin cash is outperforming other cryptos.
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Trader Sees Bitcoin Cash Breaking Out | CNBC


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14 Thoughts to “Trader Sees Bitcoin Cash Breaking Out | CNBC”

  1. No dude, we're clearly in a bear market. Nothing will "breakout" until we can surpass 9k again.

  2. Переверните)) Открытая ICOM Telegram-round собрала более 70% средств всего за несколько дней на Эти монеты будут сильно расти в цене однозначно после размещения). Необходимо купить их, пока все идет хорошо!

  3. "How to buy ripple at 3 dollars"

  4. Btc maximalists are so scared of every coin lol

  5. that is not a fund, (bitmain – centralised) miners propose to burn 12% of all fees what i know.

  6. ICO TELEGRAM opened pre-sale for common users) Literally in a couple of days they snapped up 85% of tokens. I managed to buy 2750 tokens on

  7. Asking CNBC about cryptocurrency is like asking your barber for medical advice.

  8. 1:562:02 i wonder why he say that…

  9. CNBC doesn't even know how to pronounce HODL but now they're crypto experts

  10. CNBC counter-indicator 🔌

  11. Shameful shilling of a scam coin, BK , no respect at all bro

  12. Lol, roger's wife are doing a good job in fast money. You should go all in bcash guys, you will make million % per day.

  13. I agree you don't take money to promote anything on the show but you do get told what to talk about from time to time.

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