SEC Chairman Jay Clayton: Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin Are Not Securities | CNBC

SEC Chairman Jay Clayton speaks with CNBC’s Bob Pisani about what he sees for the future of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICO).
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SEC Chairman Jay Clayton: Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin Are Not Securities | CNBC


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12 Thoughts to “SEC Chairman Jay Clayton: Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin Are Not Securities | CNBC”

  1. I need an advide conncted with Zilliqa. Yesterday I received tokens from airdrop to Whom it is possible to sell them? Or is it better to register at the exchange?

  2. И что вы знаете об Одиссее? Случайно я наткнулся на их airdrop Сегодня я получил монеты, лучше ли продать их сейчас или провести в долгосрочной перспективе?

  3. Cryptocurrencies that supposed to replace the dollar, euro and yen are not a security, he clearly said that. XRP is a bridge currency to help settling international payment, its purpose is to be the global liquidity pair for multiple currencies around the world that is not tied to a single economy. Today the most liquid bridge currency is USD, and XRP is here to replace that. Owning XRP also doesn't give you any ownership to Ripple the company. I believe its pretty clear that XRP is a utility token and not a security.

  4. The unwillingness to change laws when they need to be changed is no good. When the SEC views most ICO as securities, then its time to change what a security means.

  5. so basically it's all still unclear

  6. Yeah for many years the SEC has kept the common man from investing into his future….screw the SEC and get this piece of trash out of that office.

  7. Clear as mud. Looks like the U.S. will continue to hemorrhage the next wave of technology startups overseas, to go along with our manufacturing.

  8. Pointless video. Bunch of vague answers.

  9. When Ripple collects fees from customers using XCurrent, XRapid, XVia, XRP holders are not entitled to any of those profits. If Ripple goes bankrupt, XRP holders will not receive even a penny during the liquidation proceedings. XRP is not a security because it depends on the marketplace to accept & utilize XRP on a large scale to gain intrinsic value whether Ripple exists or not.

  10. Coins like bitcoin XRP etherium have been out for years without the SEC commenting whether or not they are a security. If the SEC can’t make a decision in 5 plus years allowing millions of people to invest, it should be against the law for them to come after anyone or company.

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