EY Blockchain Leader Says Banks and Bitcoin Can Coexist

Jun.15 — Angus Champion de Crespigny, EY Americas blockchain leader, sits down with Bloomberg’s Joe Weisenthal to discuss the outlook for cryptocurrencies. They speak on “What’d You Miss?”


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3 Thoughts to “EY Blockchain Leader Says Banks and Bitcoin Can Coexist”

  1. Bitcoin trades flat thats a buy signal, bitcoin goes down, buy now! It just got cheaper! Bitcoin goes up! Buy fast it's on a bullrun! Bitcoin gets banned in China and other countries – buy now! This is proof how much governments fear bitcoin! Bitcoin exchanges got hacked: Thats a buy signal! Bitcoin gets SEC regulation: Thats a buy signal too folks. Bitcoin goes "bankrupt": Buy now! Its the deal of your lifetime! Bitcoin stops trading on exchanges – keep buying! If you cant buy, because it doesnt trade anymore you are an incompetent idiot – throw money at the screen or something. Bitcoin can coexist with banks: guys buy now bitcoin will hit (roll random dice number andmultiply by 10) by the end if the year!! Whatever you do – never forget rule #1 BUY BITCOIN – NOW

  2. The very nature of Bitcoin and other cryptos makes banks unnecessary. Banks will have to coexist as they are slowly grandfathered out. If businesses start paying wages in bitcoin and governments start accepting tax payments in bitcoin, that will be a nail in the coffin. It is still a young technology that has a long way to go, but is also an emerging asset class that could grow to a multi-trillion dollar market.

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