Why Cryptocurrencies Keep Crashing

Nov.20 — Chris Burniske, Placeholder Management partner, discusses the November downturn for crypto assets with Bloomberg’s Joe Weisenthal, Caroline Hyde and Romaine Bostick on “Bloomberg Markets: What’d You Miss?”


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10 Thoughts to “Why Cryptocurrencies Keep Crashing”

  1. 1. FED is shrinking its balance sheet. 2. FED is rising rates. 3. Google searching for crytos had fall exponentially. I really think cryptos are going to zero

  2. Because cryptocurrencies is scam.

  3. Hodl Hodl Hodl! Lambos for everyone! Oh snap, we’ll move back into moms basement! Crypto isn’t an asset class, it is an asshole class!

  4. All I got from this was; buy makerdao.

  5. These ephemeral units are quite badly named "currencies" (but ideally named if one is promoting them). They serve almost no function as a currency. Try paying your taxes in them, or go to your local grocery store and see how quickly they are rejected. The niche they occupy is purely speculative. They are the same as crap tables or roulette wheels and you can expect your "investment" to be nearly worthless within 10 years. Go buy yourselves some nice income producing real estate or a Ferrari. At least you will have something tangible when the game is finished.

  6. Just putting this out there…The relationship between Bitcoin and gold and silver. Bitcoin and the cryptos are going into the tank. The price of gold and silver has done nothing or gone down. In my opinion this has proven the relationship between gold and silver and cryptos.
    I.e. there ain't none.

  7. Chris Burniske is an expert in fertilizer. I think we all understand what I am saying about his comments.

  8. Because crypto is NOT legal tender and NOT BACK by anything! It is virtual, like virtual sex!!!! It's a scam. Unlike stocks, it is backed by the value of the company. All get out now and you will see that crypto will disappear!

  9. Do you see Warren Buffet touch crypto???

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